1. Appropriate an object or a digital file and make it your own. Consider how you would claim a fair use exemption to the work.
  2. Present the work of one of your classmates. Describe his or her process and identify opportunities for collaboration.
  3. Recruit ten RISD students not in this class to contribute to the execution of a work or proposition. You may not actually execute the work yourself. Your role should be limited to ideation, planning and support.
  4. Recruit one or more students from this class to author a joint work.
  5. Hire a professional to complete a work. You may recruit from the RISD community or a freelance site like upwork.com, freelancer.com, guru.com, peopleperhour.com.
  6. Develop a tool or device for artistic production. Share it with others. Document how they use (and misuse) it.
  7. Come up with and add your own assignment to this list. You may find Draw It With Your Eyes Closed inspiring. Then complete either your or one of your classmates' assignments.

An assignment is due each week. You may choose five from the above list of seven. You may also choose the order in which you would like to accomplish them allowing you to determine which assignment deserves more time.

Your Diary

Perhaps the most important part of each assignment will be your analysis of your teams' behaviors. What worked? What didn't? Why? Write down a few words reflecting on the dynamics at play. Do give and especially ask for feedback from everyone involved.

Class time will be split between discussions and studio time where students will meet with each other to discuss plans and progress on each assignment.


Please, don’t be late to class.

Pretty please, if you must miss a class make sure to clear it with your classmates.

Class Fees

Some assignments require you to hire a freelance worker. You may spend as little as you can get away with. No one can spend more than $200 total. You are responsible for payment.