Week 1

Day 1 - Wed Jan 4


Go over Assignments and Syllabus

For next class

Read The Ecstasy of Influence by Jonathan Lethem
and The Death of the Author by Roland Barthes
Identify and share your favorite instance of appropriation

Day 2 - Thu Jan 5 - Collaboration After the Fact


From Synthetic Cubism to the Ready-made.

From Walker Evans' Alabama Tenant Farmer's Wife (1936),
to Sherrie Levine's, After Walker Evans (1981),
to Michael Mandiberg's, After Sherrie Levine (2001)

Richard Prince's Marlboro Ads and the Lawsuits that Followed
Luc Tuyman's lawsuits

Some of Our Favorite Internet Memes and the Study of Memetics

Big Appropriation: Douglas Gordon's 24hrs Hitchcock and Christian Marclay's The Clock

Oliver Laric's Cliparts and Versions

Omer Fast's CNN Concatenated and the irristible Obama's Dubs

Young Galaxy's New Summer

Week 2

Day 3 - Mon Jan 9 - The Audience as Co-Author

The Audience

Allan Kaprow's Happenings, Marina Abramovic's Rhythm 0,
Rirkrit Tiravanija's convivial meals, Christian Falsnaes's Influence,
Miranda July's Learning to love you more, Kim Schoenstadt's "Now Be Here".

The Audience's Wisdom

Let's Crowd Source our Assignments!

Mediated Participation: Olafur Eliason and Ai Wei Wei's Moon

The call to action: Marketing as Process

For next class

Read Iona Literat's Art in the Age of Mediated Participation
and skim The Perfect Message by Kirthi Kalyanam and Monte Zweben.

Day 4 - Thu Jan 12 - Urbanism's Lessons


Baron Haussmann's Paris
New York's 1811 master plan
Robert Moses' New York

Contemporary zoning rules and their outcomes

Studio Moniker's Conditional Design

Sol LeWitt's Wall Drawings

For next class

Read Antagonism and Relational Aesthetics by Claire Bishop
and skim Want Collaboration? by Jeff Weiss and Jonathan Hughes

Week 3

Day 5 - Wed Jan 18 - Understanding Conflict


Acknowledging and harnessing conflict within a group

Antagonizing the Audience

Santiago Sierra's Space Closed Off by Corrugated Metal
and his Wall Enclosing a Space

For next class

Read Relational Aesthetics by Nicolas Bourriaud

Day 6 - Thu Jan 19 - "The whole is OTHER than the sum of its parts"


In the art world Philippe Parreno, Pawel Althamer
In design M/M Paris, Vetements
In media (pretty much everything)

Collaborative Agreements:
A "Joint Work" and "Collective Work" in US Copyright law.

For next class

Read the intro to The Art of Not Making by Michael Petry

Week 4

Day 7 - Mon Jan 23 - The Author as Employer


Labor Pools and Recruitment

Santiago Sierra (again), Walead Beshty, Francis Alÿs, Vanessa Beecroft, Aaron Koblin

The Ethics of Employment in Authorship

Day 8 - Thu Jan 26 - Fine and Big

The Atelier

From Reubens to Zhang Huan

Week 5

Day 9 - Mon Jan 30 - Power and Influence

Creative Direction

Bill Bernbach (founder BBDO), Fabien Baron, Rémi Babinet (Chief Creative Director, Havas)

Day 10 - Wed Feb 1 - "Learn to do anything in just 10 years!"


Critiquing K. Anders Ericsson's assumptions at measuring expertise in the arts

Day 11 - Thu Feb 2 - The User as Author


Oliver Laric's "Touch my Body Green Screens" version

Jürg Lehni's devices underscore the final aesthetics of shared works.

DIS Images

End User Liscense Agreements of fonts

Week 6

Day 12 - Mon Feb 6 - Final Crits